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Plant-based systems installed to address environmental concerns–known as phytotechnologies–offer opportunities for sustainable, low-cost, efficient and effective means to degrade or sequester a wide range of contaminants present in the environment.
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Solid Waste

Sand Creek is a leading provider of environmental consulting services for an array of environmental issues facing solid waste facilities across the Midwestern United States.
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Wastewater/Engineered Wetlands

Sand Creek provides design, construction, and management of plant-based wastewater treatment systems and engineered wetlands.
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Ag-Chem Industry

Sand Creek’s staff have provided environmental consulting services at more than 265 agricultural-chemical handling facilities. These projects have involved a variety of agricultural-chemical facilities.
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Environmental Services

Sand Creek provides a full range of environmental management and assessment services. We have been called on by clients from across the country to assist with property-related environmental management and regulatory issues.

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