Remediation of Fertilizer in Soil

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The 1.5-acre liquid fertilizer earthen containment structure at this liquid fertilizer terminal facility was investigated to determine whether reconstruction of the containment structure was warranted. Soil sampling identified in excess of 150,000 pounds of nitrogen in the subsurface. Because of the extent of impacted soil, the new facility owner opted to eliminate the containment structure and remove the 2.5 Mgals worth of tank storage.

By understanding the local geology and the potential for residual soil nitrogen to impact groundwater, Sand County Environmental negotiated with the regulatory authority an unusually high soil cleanup goal, which reduced the soil tonnage to be excavated from over 25,000 tons to less than 15,000 tons. The excavated clay soil was dried with quick lime, run through a screen plant to remove rocks, and then land applied on agricultural fields for beneficial use.