Phytoremediation, Phytosequestration, Phytovolatilization, Phytostabilization, Rhizodegradation

Plant-based systems installed to address environmental concerns–known as phytotechnologies–offer opportunities for sustainable, low-cost, efficient, and effective means to degrade or sequester a wide range of contaminants present in the environment.  Sand County Environmental is widely recognized as the national leader in the deployment of plant-based remedies.  We have successfully applied phytotechnology solutions as a sole remedy, or as a component of a multi‑remedy strategy, for a variety of projects including:

  • On-site landfill leachate treatment systems
  • Dry cleaner sites
  • Alternative landfill covers
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater management at retail ag-chemical and other industrial facilities
  • Soil and groundwater petroleum and agricultural chemical remediation sites
  • 303(d)/Clean Water Act-related stream protection
  • Riparian petroleum remediation
  • Large-scale sites such as refineries and abandoned manufacturing facilities

Phytotechnologies may not be appropriate for every environmental response activity; however, well‑conceived and properly installed phytotechnology systems can be deployed to solve even the most complex environmental problems.  They are recognized and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and have been applied at many Superfund sites throughout the United States.

Sand County Environmental provides a gamut of phytotechnology services, beginning with site investigation and characterization; continuing through design, permitting, and installation; and extending to operations and monitoring.  We provide documentation for each step of the process.  We also provide consulting and installation support for other engineering and consulting firms when phytotechnology expertise is a required/desired sub-discipline.

Sand County Environmental has phytoremediation projects completed in over 20 states across the United States.  With our experience in deploying this technology since the late 1990s, Sand County Environmental is among the industry leaders in the proper design and implementation of phytotechnology systems.

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