Key Staff

Pete Arntsen, MS, PH, PG

Pete Arntsen has more than 30 years of experience as an environmental scientist and project manager.

His education and experience focus on contaminant-release investigations and remediations; hydrologic, geologic, and hydrogeologic studies; landfill environmental studies; wetland delineation and permitting; regulatory compliance; and environmental litigation support.

Mark Dawson, MS

Mark Dawson has over 30 years of experience in applied environmental science and engineering, with an emphasis on developing and implementing innovative strategies for complex sites. His experience includes the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination for industry and agriculture sectors. Other specialties include phytotechnologies, hydrologic erosion control, and solar pumping systems.

Ken Ebbott, MS, PG, CGWP

With 30-plus years of experience, Ken Ebbott’s areas of specialty include soil, groundwater, and vapor investigation and remediation.

Examples of his work include: investigation, remediation, and closure of brownfield, foundry, agrichemical, petroleum, and drycleaner sites, including recent efforts to remove pesticides and solvents from groundwater using innovative chemical injection techniques.

David Flowers, PE, BCEE

As a highly experienced Professional Engineer and operator specializing in environmental engineering, David Flowers is highly skilled in the design, construction, and operation of engineered wetlands treating domestic wastewater. He received four US patents.  He has also provided technical assistance to communities, foreign governments, and industries. He is a past Chair of the Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee for the Water Environment Federation.

Nichole Good, MS

Nichole Good’s educational background includes ecosystem restoration and soil science. She was active in prairie restoration, forest management, and soil research.

Current duties include conducting environmental site assessments, brownfield investigations, groundwater investigations, and assisting with planning, implementing, and reporting on soil and groundwater remediation activities.

Andrew Rakers, EIT

Andrew Rakers has 2 years of experience in the engineering field. He has a degree in environmental engineering. Andrew also provides Civil 3D drafting for the company.

Levi Rhody, MS

As a geologist, Levi Rhody assists with implementing and reporting on soil and groundwater remediation activities including soil excavation, engineered cap installation, and phytoremediation. He also conducts environmental site investigations, as well as monitoring landfill parameters as directed by The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Bart Sexton, MS, PPS

Bart Sexton, a soil scientist, has extensive experience in designing, specifying, coordinating, and overseeing projects. His projects entail: environmental monitoring; reporting; remediation;  earthwork, including excavation and stormwater structure construction; and phytoremediation projects.

His work in phytoremediation involves treating groundwater, stormwater, wastewater effluent, landfill leachate, and impacted soils. Additional experience includes: permitting; operations; troubleshooting; and monitoring, reporting, and closure of landfills and composting facilities.

Lars Smith

Lars Smith has over 11 years of experience in applied environmental science.

His experience includes the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination using traditional and progressive strategies, working with vapor investigations and gas extraction systems, wetland delineation and treatment wetland support, directing the implementation and maintenance of phytoremediation systems.

Stacy Stroud

Stacy Stroud has more than 19 years of experience in the environmental consulting field, specifically in directing and coordinating all work processes for administrative staff.

Her areas of specialization include technical review of reports, letters, and memorandums; and provide IT support where she performs basic computer functions including troubleshooting computer issues, maintaining the company server, and supports the internal terminal service infrastructure.