Stormwater Management, Modeling, Permitting, and Pollution Prevention

Sand County Environmental, Inc. provides stormwater services in a variety of sectors including development, solid waste, commercial, agriculture chemical, and industrial applications.

Sand County Environmental sets itself apart as a stormwater consultant by emphasizing environmentally sound solutions to stormwater matters. Inherent in our evaluation and recommendation processes are considerations for sustainability and energy conservation, in addition to public health and fiscal efficiency.  We include environmentally sound practices in any solution we develop, and we avoid extensively and exclusively engineered applications.  An example is our use of phytotechnologies for stormwater treatment and volume reduction.  Another is our practice of relying on intrinsic processes (e.g., gravity flow and natural systems) as alternatives to powered and manmade systems.

Stormwater–related services that Sand County Environmental can provide include:

  • Construction and post-construction stormwater permitting and management.
  • Developing stormwater pollution prevention plans.
  • Design and installation of plant-based stormwater management systems.
  • Stormwater modeling using software such as HydroCAD, WinSLAMM, and AutoCAD Civil3D.
  • Site evaluation for stormwater infiltration, including necessary licensure to complete field evaluation of infiltrated areas.
  • Wetland delineation services for development sites.


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