Wastewater/Engineered Wetlands

Sand County Environmental provides design, construction, and management of plant-based wastewater treatment systems and engineered wetlands. These alternative treatment systems utilize vegetation, soil, and microorganisms to improve water quality through natural water filtration and an enhanced degradative environment. Engineered wetlands and other planted treatment systems can remove, degrade, or immobilize wastewater components including nitrogen and phosphorous, heavy metals, suspended solids, organic matter, pharmaceuticals, and pathogens. Compared to conventional treatment, these alternative options generally require lower energy inputs and simpler equipment with a reduced issue of odor, increased aesthetic component, and favorable public opinion.

Our design team is led by David Flowers, who is the leading engineer of engineered wetlands for wastewater treatment in the Midwest.

For more information on engineered wetlands and alternative wastewater treatment for TMDL compliance, please see the links below.

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