Hybrid Poplar Trees *For Sale*

Hybrid Poplar | Populus

‘Hybrid Cottonwood’ ‘Hybrid Popple’ ‘Cottonless Cottonwood’



Site Selection:

Full Sun

Mature Size:

Height 40’-50’ Crown Width 30’-35’; Siouxland Cottonwoods 60+ feet height

Growth Rate:

Very fast, 24” or more per year. With good site preparation, maintenance and irrigation 3 -6+ feet for the first 4 to 8 years is realistically attainable.

Soil Preference:

Adaptable, but does best in loam or coarser soils


A cross between cottonwood and black poplar, the hybrid poplar is a fast-growing tree. These trees do not produce “cotton”, the fluffy seeds of the native male cottonwood tree. They can grow 5-8 feet per year when young, thriving in poor, moist soil. They are an amazing food source for deer, rabbits, and beavers, and offer habitat for birds. Hybrid Poplars have a life expectancy of 20 to 30+ years. These trees can be used to quickly establish a wind break while slower-growing interplanted species become established. It is best to plant hybrid poplars away from structures as they have a moderate rate of limb breakage.

In suitable applications, these trees are proven to phytoremediate volatile organic chemicals; petroleum compounds; nutrients and can serve as hydraulic controls.


  • Phytoremediation
  • Natural Fence
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Sustainable Firewood
  • Wind Break
  • Wildlife Forage/Habitat

Hybrid Poplar Clones

The following types are available:*2024 Season Sold Out*

  • OP367 (P . deltoides x P . nigra)
  • DN-182 (P. deltoides x P. nigra)
  • DT-15-029 (P. deltoides x P. trichocarpa)
  • DT-50-197 (P. deltoides x P. trichocarpa)
  • NM-2 (P. nigra x P. maximowiczii)
  • NM-5 (P. nigra x P. maximowiczii)
  • NM-6 (P. nigra x P. maximowiczii)

Cuttings *

Size Quantity Price
2 feet 1-25
$5.00 Each
$3.00 Each
4 feet 1-25
$12.00 Each
$9.00 Each
5+ feet Call for availability

Rooted Stock

Call for availability *2024 Season Sold Out* Call to place orders for 2025 season


Eastern Cottonwood Clones

Available as rooted stock only and must be reserved prior to harvesting, call or email for availability. Populus deltoides clones v. Siouxland (male, cottonless)

*Orders cannot be shipped to the following states: AK, CA, and HI