Groundwater Ag-Chem Plume Investigation and Remediation

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Active Ag-Chem Mix/Load Facility

Sand County Environmental performed groundwater sampling at an active ag-chem facility in Central Wisconsin that identified the presence of a nitrate-nitrogen and pesticide plume extending nearly two miles through a residential neighborhood and village.

Project work included:

  • Mapping the plume and projecting peak plume concentrations by installing monitoring wells and using wells and data from five existing LUST sites.
  • Notifying residents (>75 homes) within the plume area of the risk of using private well water.
  • Identifying and sampling private wells (>20).
  • Sampling of private wells leading to the abandonment of impacted wells or restriction of well use.
  • Mapping of the plume involved a synthesis of aquifer, geology, basin and bedrock geometry, and other data.

Regulators reference this case as a sample project for sites with complex data and impacted private wells.