Remediation of Dinoseb-Impacted Soil

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Sand County Environmental provided remediation of dinoseb-impacted soil which is a banned chemical and is listed as an Acute Hazardous Commercial Chemical in Table IV of ch. NR 605.09(3), Wis. Adm. Code, at an airport located in Northern Wisconsin.

Sand County Environmental designed and implemented the site remedial actions. Site specific remedial actions allowed the landspreading of dinoseb-impacted soil below the Industrial Contaminant Level as part a “contained-out determination” process.  Excavated soil was mixed and stockpiled, and samples from the stockpiles were analyzed by a mobile laboratory.  Because all soil samples tested for acceptably low dinoseb concentrations, the soil was allowed to be landspread, a first in the state of Wisconsin.  Soil excavation and groundwater sampling results indicated that no additional site remediation was warranted.