Phytoremediation of Pesticides in Groundwater

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Flying Service Pesticide Remediation

Sand County Environmental provided phytoremediation services for a commercial air pesticide application company that had been in operation for decades in Central Wisconsin.

After a complete site investigation, soil and groundwater contamination was discovered in an area used to dispose of spent pesticide containers and to pressure test pesticide spray equipment. Soil and groundwater contaminants included dinoseb, metolachlor, atrazine, dithane, and many others.

Sand County Environmental installed a phytoremediation system using hybrid poplars and willows across the source area which was downgradient of the groundwater plume.

The phytoremediation system has been very successful, reducing contaminant concentrations in the plume downgradient of the source area and creating a measurable reversal of groundwater flow such that, seasonally, the plume is contained by the tree system.

This project is an ongoing one, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin.